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There are few capabilities that make you more valuable than understanding the complexities of strategy. How valuable?

  • Data Scientist - $130 to $225/hour
  • Machine Learning SME - $325 to $350/hour
  • Strategy Consultant - $500+/hour
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    I have taught this class and longer versions of it for the last 3 years at consulting companies as training seminars for new AI Strategy Consultants. Obviously, I cannot guarantee you will land an AI Strategist role. However, the money they make shows how much businesses value their knowledge.

    You will gain a deeper understanding of the business. You will become a more valuable partner to other business units and senior leadership. Those are critical capabilities to advance your career.

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    How do I fit so much into 4 hours? If you watch my videos, they are no fluff breakdowns of complex concepts. I compress what you need to know into the simplest terms and present it clearly. You will get a lot of value, without all the filler content.