About the Rebellion

Monetization. Productization. Building Machine Learning teams. A reasonable learning path into the field. Real world Machine Learning applications. Usability and adoption. When have you heard these discussed without buzz words and hype dominating the conversation?
Skepticism is the mother of rebellion. The purpose of the ML Rebellion is to confront the toughest questions facing the Machine Learning field. An authentic conversation about what does not work and how to fix those shortcomings.
The Rebellion will showcase solutions from practitioners; people who have a track record of producing. The frustration of users and stakeholders will be shared here. Gloves off. Names named.
This is a forum for new voices as well. Expect to see fresh perspectives on the field and how others have made it into the field.

Posts focus on:

  • Learning Paths That Get People Hired into the Machine Learning Field
  • Monetizing Machine Learning, Building a Path to Production, and Growing the Team
  • Information Security and Adversarial Machine Learning
  • Applied Machine Learning for Marketing and HR
There is much more to come. The ML Rebellion is at the beginning of its journey. However, the purpose will not change. Read your first post. Come back to discover new content. Reach out with post suggestions or to become a writer.
Welcome to The Rebellion.