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Vin Vashishta

Machine Learning + AI Strategist, Educator, and globally recognized expert in Data Science. Over 25 years in tech, 10 in Data Science and Machine Learning. I have built and led teams at every phase of the Data Science lifecycle for businesses of all sizes, Fortune 100 to startups. Since 2015, I have been recognized by everyone from LinkedIn to Onalytica as a thought leader in the field.

I deliver Machine Learning based products with ARR in the $100’s of millions. I teach leaders to build AI 1st Business Models. I help businesses evangelize their products by positioning them as credible, innovative solutions to complex business and technical challenges. I am teaching the next generation of AI influencers and thought leaders.

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  • I help students land a role in Data Science. I provide influencer marketing solutions. And as I have for over 10 years, I provide concrete answers for AI + Machine Learning Strategy.
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