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Executive Forum: Machine Learning Monetization Strategies

Monetization pushes Machine Learning from an incremental revenue stream to a core component of the business model. I will cover 3 main business model categories:

  • Machine Learning First
  • Machine Learning Supported
  • Machine Learning Adopter

  • After the initial presentation, I host the category selection and guided strategy planning workshop.

    Private Session, December 10th at 3pm PST. Use the email link below to schedule your event.

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    Preparing the Unprepared - 'Toxicity in the hiring process'

    There is a toxicity to the hiring process. It is a reflection of the team’s culture. Most of the barriers to profitable machine learning come from toxic teams.
    I hope senior leaders see this because change must come from the top. Clean house and you will see productivity rise. Open teams want to collaborate with the rest of the business. They want to build products not just proofs of concept. Their sense of satisfaction comes from seeing the positive impacts of what they create.

  • LinkedIn Live: September 17 at 8am PST

  • Acing the Data Science Interview

    I will be discussing the general interview process, tips about resumes, what should an aspiring data scientist review before an interview (topics), and how to structure an answer to a question.
    I will also walk through an example question that could be asked in an interview and how I would like a candidate to respond.

  • PolyAI October 8 at 9:45am PST

  • The Path to Production for Machine Learning

    Businesses are increasing their reliance on machine learning for revenue and cost savings. Many models fail to make it past the prototype stage. Others fail in production.
    A Path to Production is a familiar concept for traditional technical deployments. However, it is not well understood or implemented for machine learning products. This is the break between model potential and meeting the needs of the business.
    Use code is20-vvashishta to get 10% off.

  • InfoShare 2020: October 3 at 7am PST

  • Fixing Machine Learning as a Field and Within the Business

    I talk with Harpreet Soha on The Artists of Data Science Podcast. We discussed how to make yourself a better data scientists and how to build more value for the business.

  • The Artists of Data Science

  • Path to Production and Monetizing Machine Learning

    In this talk, I covered a framework specific to Machine Learning products. I discussed the improvements businesses can expect to see from a repeatable process. I also covered the concept of monetization and integrating machine learning into the business model.

  • MLOps 31