Business Models are Being Built on Machine Learning

Monetization and a path to production are critical success factors for Applied Machine Learning.

The End of Entry Level Jobs

If it seems like few companies are interested in hiring recent graduates and those with little to no experience, you’re right. There are a few factors contributing to what could become the end of entry level jobs.

July 3rd, 2021

How Do You Build A Data And Analytics Organization?

Business models are innovating towards an increased reliance on Data and Analytics for competitive advantage. The growth D&A is driving requires an organizational approach. Without it, managing the complex landscape of platforms, talent, and projects becomes a barrier to progress.

May 23rd, 2021

Machine Learning Product Strategy: Defining a New Category

Machine learning research creates solutions to long standing business problems, driving the need to create new categories. Product strategy needs to be built for the new category and adapted for a model-based product.

February 9th, 2021

Framing a Business Problem as a Data Science Problem

Is the business problem a data science problem? Reframing the business problem answers this question and allows you to assess the feasibility of your independent project. This is a key step to move past toy projects and build one that gets you hired.

January 21st, 2021

Building a Better Machine Learning Team

Machine learning has become a larger piece of business models. Revenue is increasingly dependent on more complex projects. The new Machine Learning Team is built to execute.

August 15th, 2020

Machine Learning’s Big Pitfalls

There are many mistakes a business can make on their path to implementing data science and machine learning. Here are the most common.

September 27th, 2014

What Can Big Data Do for Your Pricing Strategy?

Over 5 years ago I was building my first pricing models and wrote a brief overview of the business cases for those models. Many businesses have yet to adopt machine learning driven pricing.

September 16th, 2014